Introducing Learnitive Project!

Introducing Learnitive Project!

Kanban, tasks, todos, checklists, and more.


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Learnitive Project is an all-in-one project management tool in Learnitive that allows to create, design and organize Kanban tasks, checklists, todos, deadlines, notes and so on. Project helps to visualize your upcoming tasks - easily!

Project provides dedicated tools to boost personal productivity, such as the Kanban, Todo, Checklist, Notes, Timer and so on! It is a personal project management tool. It can help you stay focused and actually get things done, rather than just managing tasks. Project is freely available to all Learnitive users along with 1MB space, get it by registering to Learnitive platform.

Simply Login and try! and don't forget to upgrade it with Learnitive coupon code to receive 50GB bonus storage!